The Best Age To Start Music Lessons

This is an ongoing discussion which has more than one answer.  To determine the appropriate answer for your child, you must decide the intended goal for music lessons.

If the goal is to gain experience and  to develop meaningful relationships with music at a young age,  then the “lessons” can and should start soon after birth and certainly within the first year in informal settings such as musical games and rhymes

At age three,  consider more formalized “lessons.” The goal continues to be to further develop skills like identifying a beat in music, identifying melody, or identifying instruments. This can be accomplished via preschool class run by private entities, or community center.

At age five, most children exposed to music lessons have obtained a foundation and are prepared for formalized music lessons. Still, the goal is to further the understanding of music. Two of the most common instruments at this age are piano and violin.

By age 10, the child will have a variety of skills associated with their instrument of choice. and also have developed  physical strength to try a different, bigger instrument that requires a higher level of strength and stamina. The goal of lessons transition from gaining experience with music to improving performance ability.

As you can see you must know the goal of lessons based on age and comprehension of the child and not so much on ability, at least not for the younger child.

This is why when we are fully operational,we will offer  preschool programs based on music and the arts.

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